How many green ideas can be 400 students get in three days?

Interdisciplinary collaboration are the key words in our competition 'Experts in Teams' where, for three days, students will try to make 11 companies greener.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, 400 students will help 11 companies during 'Experts in Teams’ which take place at Business Academy Aarhus.

Sea planes and brewery

Each company presents their own case.

A seaplane that must become more sustainable. A microbrewery that wants additional plusses in their green account. A poultry producer that needs to reduce heat consumption.

Win win

The purpose of the competition is not only to help the business community with practical tasks. It is also meant to equip the students with much-needed teamwork skills.

‘The students really do their best, and there is a great deal of respect for their efforts. They get far and provide ideas that companies can actually use. The teams are composed of students from different programmes and this diversity provides different resources and competencies,’ says project manager Anne Marie Andersen from the Business Academy Aarhus.

The nation’s largest

This is the fourth year in a row that Business Academy Aarhus is hosting the competition, and the response from the participants has been so positive that several companies are already on the waiting list for next year.

In this year’s competition, with sustainability as a theme, these companies are involved:

  •  poultry producer Gothenborg
  • food manufacturer Hedeagergaard
  • catering and fast food company NORD Gourmet
  • Aarhus Bryghus
  • Kathrine Andersen Chokolade
  • food manufacturer Soy4you
  • Årø Vineyard
  • team building company CoastZone
  • the design company WeDoWood
  • transport company Nordic Seaplanes.

‘Experts in Teams’ is the largest, multi-disciplinary innovation event in Denmark for students at a higher education institute.