New international agricultural programme

Business Academy Aarhus is starting up a new higher education programme in ‘Agricultural and Environmental Management’ in September 2016. This programme is specifically targeted at managers at large farms abroad.

Major international agricultural holdings need skilled operations managers who, both in theory and practice, master the management role. This is why Business Academy Aarhus is now offering a new international agricultural programme at a Bachelor level. The programme is the first of its kind in Europe and aims to attract students from all over the world.

Cooperation with major farms

Business Academy Aarhus has partnered with major Danish-owned farms in Eastern Europe who will be internship hosts and mentors. One of them is Firstfarms A/S, with headquarters in Billund. With its 220 employees and a large cattle farm in Slovakia as well as two large agricultural farms in Romania, it is one of Denmark’s largest international agricultural companies.

‘The Danish academic level within agriculture is high. Northern Europeans are known for modern management principles, structure and high professionalism. We would like to teach and share this with foreigners working within agriculture’ says Firstfarms’ CEO Anders H. Nørgaard (image).

Want to hire graduates

First Farms has helped develop the academic content and structure of the new Bachelor’s degree, which takes one and half years.

‘For us, it is a great benefit that we can educate future manageres within this framework. We look forward to participating as internship hosts and recruiting the students afterwards’ adds Anders H. Nørgaard.

Mix of students with wanderlust

The target audience for the new management programme are Danish or international Environmental Management students or others with for example a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture or the natural sciences. Or for foreign youths, primarily from the EU, who work in Danish agriculture.

Student dreams of becoming an operations manager

23-year-old Gustav Hvalkof Kristensen is one of the prospective students. He is almost finished with his English-language Environmental Management programme at Business Academy Aarhus. When he is finished in June, he hopes to be able to continue with the new Bachelor in Agricultural and Environmental Management.

‘I would like to go to England or Australia and work as an operations manager, and a Bachelor’s degree is a requirement’ says Gustav, who grew up in Scotland, where his parents run a Christmas tree plantation.

Wants to work internationally with pig breeding

Another prospective student is 24-year-old Kimmie Nissen. She also intends to continue with the new programme when she has earned her Diploma in Environmental Management in the summer.

‘I would like to work with international pig farming or as an operations manager. This programme is the first of its kind on a Bachelor’s level, and I hope that it can teach me a lot about intercultural management’ says Kimmie, who comes from Southern Denmark and has work experience from, among other places, a pig farm in Australia.   

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