Students work as research assistants

A student job as research assistants at Business Academy Aarhus gave Kristinna Kristensen and Tine Dalby valuable training in what it means to work scientifically.

For an entire year the two bachelor students, who have now graduated, helped Senior Lecturer Liza Castro Christiansen from the Marketing Management programme at Business Academy Aarhus with a research project about the value of mid-level managerial staff’s trust in their senior managers.

Handpicked in their 2nd semester

Liza Castro Christiansen handpicked the two for the task while they were in their second semester of their  Bachelor's degree in International Sales and Marketing Management.  Liza knew them as she had taught them theory of science.

‘This is the first time that I have employed “Young in R&D” for a project. It has been very successful and the two assistants have been a huge help,’ says Liza.

Cool student jobs

Tine and Kristinna helped with, among other things, the implementation of the questionnaire survey via SurveyXact, quality assurance of the data and transcribing the research interviews with the mid-level managerial staff and senior managers. They also validated over 6000 email addresses.

‘We worked for an average of five hours each week over the year and met with Liza approximately once a month. It’s been a really exciting student job, which has given us a tremendous insight into the theory of science and experience with what it takes to work on research projects,’ says 26-year-old Kristinna Kristensen, who graduated in January 2016.

Learnt to reflect on a higher level

Her colleague, 23-year-old Tine Dalby, who is also a newly graduated Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management, comments on her study job:

‘It has been a great opportunity to work with research and has definitely strengthened me academically. I have been made aware of how long it takes to do scientific projects and today I can reflect on a much higher level.’

Critical eyes and new angles

For Liza Castro Christiansen it has been rewarding to have the two assistants with from the start.

‘They asked many questions and contributed with critique and new angles for the project.’Liza praises the girls for their hard work.

‘They've been incredibly flexible and available 24/7. Sometimes I wrote to them at 2 am or phoned them over the weekend and they always answered me.’

Encourages others to become research assistants

Kristinna and Tine encourage other students from Business Academy Aarhus to apply for student jobs as research assistants in the Academy’s Research and Innovation Department.

‘Don’t do it for the sake of money, but to learn. As bachelor student, it is not an experience that many within our programme can get. Therefore, it is a unique opportunity. It teaches you to work with scientific theory in practice and strengthens your level of reflection. In addition, it is career-enhancing to be able to write “research assistant” on your CV,’ the two newly graduated, job-seeking bachelors agree.

The project ‘how trust impacts on leadership’ ends in August 2016.