Students develop hemp food products for Møllerup Gods

Eight bachelor students specialising in Food Technology from Business Academy Aarhus devise new products with hemp for Møllerup Gods.

Hemp in mayonnaise, aïoli, minced meat, spice and flour blends ... there were a lot of suggestions when eight bachelor students, who specialise in Food Technology, took part in a workshop at Møllerup Gods (which is an estate).

This is the first time we are involving students in the development of our products. We would like to move away from the current shock-effect and get hemp out to ordinary consumers. The hope is that the students can help us see opportunities that we have not previously seen',says Henrik Rendbøll, Director of Møllerup Brands.

Denmark’s only producer of hemp for food

The estate is the largest producer of industrial hemp and sells, among other things, hemp flour, hemp seed and hemp oil. But the estate would like to expand their product portfolio and therefore invited Business Academy Aarhus to an idea creation workshop.

‘It gives us valuable practical experience with innovation and product development. It’s far more motivating and exciting to work with an actual problem and a real need,’ says Mahdi Salhab, one of the students.

Catalogue of ideas with various options

The eight students Mahdi Salhab, Kaia Kollo, Sine Eskesen, Vivi Mundt Farskov, Tina Møller Nielsen, Manju Balhara, Ken Højvang Jakobsen and Katrine Højland had only 24 hours available. After the deadline, they presented the estate’s management with a catalogue of ideas.

'We see lots of opportunities to use hemp in common everyday products that are eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example, flour and seeds - we see a great potential in developing this dry-ingredients industry’,the group concluded.

‘It’s beneficial to have all of the students confirm to us that they can see as many opportunities for hemp as we can,’ says the estate’s Director of Food, Henrik Rendbøll.

The estate is known from the Danish TV series Godsejerne, in which viewers were presented to the estate’s factory, which produces sustainable insulation and growth mats from industrial hemp plants. For these products, the estate has planted 300 HA of industrial hemp, including 200 HA which are organic.