Team building concept wins innovation competition

A concept for the team building company Coast Zone was awarded 1st place at 'Experts in Teams'. 2nd place went to a paper cup with seeds concept for Aarhus Bryghus, and the 3rd place was awarded to a virtual exhibition room for We Do Wood.

There was joy, group embracing and handshakes from the deputy mayor of Aarhus for the American Estefano Martinez, the Slovak Elwira Rejnawicz, the Swede Erik Särman, the Pole Radslana Krokavoova and the Danes Henrisia Mikkelstrup and Simon Møller Jensen when they won first prize at Business Academy Aarhus’ ambitious innovation process for their concept for a sustainable activity for the team building company CoastZone.

The group is one out of a total of 72 groups (400 students), who took part in the Experts in Teams process from Wednesday 23 November to Friday 25 November 2016.

Won tickets for nightclubs in Aarhus, tenpin bowling and a Magasin gift voucher

Besides the honour, the six winners each received a 1000 DKK gift voucher to Magasin (a luxurious department store), an envelope with beverage vouchers to various nightclubs in Aarhus, a gift voucher to Master Bowl and a box of Kathrine Andersen dessert chocolate.

‘It was a pretty challenging task and we really immersed ourselves in it so it was great that we won’ states Henrisia Mikkelstrup, who is studying our International Sales and Marketing Management Bachelor’s degree programme. The four others in the group, an American, a Swede, a pole and a Dane are studying Marketing Management, Digital Concept Development, and the Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, respectively.

That they came from various educational programmes and did not know each other beforehand was only a plus, they think.

‘Although we came from different programmes and have different nationalities, we worked really well together. There was good chemistry and no conflicts or misunderstandings,’ says Henrisia Mikkelstrup.

Achieved a lot 

Course Director and Account Manager in CoastZone Martin Lotzhat is impressed with the students’ work.

‘It is very impressive, the students managed a lot in just three days. I am looking forward to further developing the concept in collaboration with the group,’ he says. The group will soon be invited to CoastZone’s headquarters in Tørring in order to demonstrate their concept.

2nd place

One of the groups (pictured) who worked with Aarhus Bryghus came second. They developed a concept of a sustainable paper cup with seeds in the bottom. The group consisted of international and Danish students: Armin Bajramovic, Jacob Teisen Skyum, Luise Emilia Klausen, Rasmus Raundahl and Toto Sigurd Bjerregaard Christensen. 

3rd place

A group that worked with the design and the furniture company We Do Wood as a case study, came 3rd (pictured) for their concept of a virtual exhibition room. The students pictured are: Aleksandra Magdalena Bien, Elisabeta Stremtan, Malgorzata Agata Wolny, Martin Hrnjak, Tudor Bocan, Bartozs Zelele and Vladislav Vaduvescu. Senior Lecturer Liza Castro Christiansen is also pictured.