Thinking in the box

What started as a school project at Business Academy Aarhus has in a very short time developed into an entrepreneurial adventure for three of our students. 130 moves have been completed, and now DELEBOKS will be followed for a year in new programme on the national TV station, TV2.

Out of sight, out of mind

A research project from the Business Academy Aarhus proves that students are happier and work better in class when their mobile phones are switched off and put away.

Mascots fill the world

Book publication: a researcher from the Business Academy Aarhus has published a book on character design and branding.

Mentors help international students get jobs

At Business Academy Aarhus, international students are offered a professional mentor. They help make the transition from student to employee easier.

Business Academy Aarhus to choose this year’s best internship company

Join the competition to decide this year’s best internship company. Business Academy Aarhus invites all former and current students in an internship – in Denmark or internationally – to take part in the competition.

Grundfos opens marketing office at Business Academy Aarhus

With a new office at Business Academy Aarhus, the pump group aims at creating closer ties with the educational institution’s students and graduates to ensure know-how and innovation within digitisation and marketing especially.