Thinking in the box

What started as a school project at Business Academy Aarhus has in a very short time developed into an entrepreneurial adventure for three of our students. 130 moves have been completed, and now DELEBOKS will be followed for a year in new programme on the national TV station, TV2.

A school project that keeps on giving. Since its launch in February, DELEBOKS has done 130 moves in Aarhus.

This has meant growing pains for the company, which is currently housed in our students’ incubator GROW situated at Business Academy Aarhus. In cooperation with, Denmark’s largest housing portal, 300 new moving boxes have been purchased and are ready to be used for multiple moves.

‘DELEBOKS makes the environmentally-friendly choice the only right one, also financially’, says Anders Wiese, who founded the company with his classmates Mikkel Kirchhoff and Joachim Krøyer.

Followed by TV2 and a well-known entrepreneur

The concept is simple -  you borrow very durable, 60 litre boxes manufactured in 100% recycled plastic - absolutely without any costs. When you are finished moving, you simply return the boxes so that someone else can benefit from them.

The idea is so good that TV2 has decided to follow the company for a year. The programme consists of several episodes about different entrepreneurs, and the host and mentor is Jacob Risgaard, the well-known co-owner of Coolshop.

Together, they must set an ambitious goal, which must be met within a year.

‘We are not allowed to reveal what our goal is, but it’s a huge motivational factor that a successful entrepreneur believes in us. At the same time, we believe it will work,’ says Mikkel Kirchhoff.

‘Jacob Risgaard has promised us a beer if we succeed. So we have to,’ adds Anders Wiese and laughs.

New digital platform to facilitate logistics

The three entrepreneurs got the idea for DELEBOKS while they were studying on our Marketing Management programme.

‘The concept arose out of our own frustration over the lack of alternatives to expensive, fragile, unhandy and environmentally damaging cardboard moving boxes," says Mikkel Kirchhoff.

Right now the boxes are stored in the centre of Aarhus, but soon it will be possible to pick up the pre-booked boxes directly from another DELEBOKS user.

DELEBOKS is in the process of implementing a digital platform, so that is is possible to make a direct agreement with the previous user and pick up the boxes directly from them.

‘When you have finished with your move, others close to you can pick the boxes up. This will make everything easier, and at the same time save the environment an unnecessary drive into town,’ Joachim Krøyer elaborates.

Cheapest and most environmentally-friendly

The company earns money by selling advertising space on the side of the boxes. But the longer term plans for DELEBOKS include helping with other practical matters concerned with moving.

‘We cooperate with Vindstød, which offers some of the cheapest electricity in the market, and only buys electricity that is produced by 2,500 Danish wind turbines. It has to be cheap to choose DELEBOKS, but at the same time our customers must be certain that we also find and disseminate the best and most environmentally-friendly solution,’ says Joachim Krøyer.

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