An internship in China is great

The number of our students who do their internships in China has tripled from 2016 to 2017. Mads Hedelund, Head of Career and Internationalisation, is very pleased with this growth.

More and more students from Business Academy Aarhus choose to do their internship beyond Denmark’s, and often Europe’s, borders.

China, in particular, has become a favourite destination. In 2017, 15 students did their internship in a company in China thereby tripling the number from 2016.

In all 250 students from Business Academy Aarhus have taken their internships abroad. Other countries include Australia, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Mads Hedelund, Head of Career and Internationalisation is enthusiastic about this.

‘In recent years we have been very focussed and have strategically encouraged students to do their internships overseas, and especially in countries outside of Europe. Which is why we are so happy to see a significant increase to China, where our students can learn a great deal about Chinese business culture. This is important as China is the world’s second largest economy and also an important trading partner for Denmark,’ says Mads Hedelund.

You cannot study experience

Additional Academy ‘hot spots’ for international internships are Toronto in Canada, Dar es-Salaam in Tanzania and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Over the past few years, the Academy has built up a strong network of contacts and partners in these countries. Although students are still responsible for finding and making their own internship agreements, stresses Mads Hedelund.

‘An international internship broadens their horisons. The students get international competencies and practical experience doing business in China, for example, and this can’t be studied. This is absolutely crucial in a time when many Danish companies have a great deal of contact with the outside world,’ says Mads Hedelund.

Matiss lives in China’s version of Silicon Valley

24-year-old Matiss Zarins is one of our students who has taken a trip to China. After graduating from Automotive Technology, he is now doing his top-up bachelor in Product Development and Integrative Technology.

Matiss chose to do his internship in the metropolis Shenzhen, which is known as China’s technological headquarters and where development is driven by innovation and raw robot technology.

‘Shenzhen produces and develops a great deal of the world’s technology, and the city is often referred to as China’s version of Silicon Valley – a true technology mecca. There are many opportunities to learn and get really close to skilled engineers and their working methods,’ says Matiss Zarins and continues:

‘I am really keen on travelling so being able to combine my internship with a cultural experience is a huge advantage for me. China is cutting-edge on the technological front.’

His internship lasts 3 months and concludes with a bachelor project that is based on his experiences as an intern.

Matiss is doing his internship in China’s version of Silicon Valley

Matiss Zarins is doing his internship at a makerspace in Shenzhen, which is China’s booming centre for technological innovation.

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Access to a booming market

Mads Hedelund reiterates that the Academy continually ensures that the internship countries have the highest professional standards to ensure the students’ benefit from their stay. Shenzhen is also a perfect match for Matiss Zarins as he is interested in both technology and product development.

‘Shenzhen provides unique opportunities for IT and electronics’ students because they get access to a booming market in which technology companies efficiently and with lightning speed deliver products - from idea to drawing board to production,’ says Mads Hedelund.

Business Academy Aarhus also arranges two-week summer schools in Canada, Malaysia and Tanzania where students for a shorter period can experience a foreign culture while expanding their academic horisons.