Business Academy Aarhus accepts 2,312 new students

Good news for 2.312 applicants who have been offered a place on one of our programmes for the autumn semester in 2018. Of these, 212 are international, equivalent to 9 per cent.

1,682 received an email on 28 July stating that they have been accepted into a higher education programme at Business Academy Aarhus. In addition to this, there are 630 students that have been accepted into our bachelor top-up programmes. Therefore, the Academy looks forward to welcoming 2,312 new students in August. Of these, 9 % are international or come from another country.

More and more students every year

Our Rector Christian Mathiasen is pleased to offer the many qualified students a place at Business Academy Aarhus and stresses that we received 6,637 applications in all - the highest number ever.

‘We have chosen to reduce the number of students we accept on some of our programmes so that they match the needs of companies. This helps us ensure the quality of our programmes, and at the same time helps as many as graduates as possible get a job later on,’ says Rector Christian Mathiasen.

This is the case for our Multimedia Design and Communication programme where we have admitted 165, our International Sales and Marketing programme where 158 were admitted and finally our Digital Concept Development programme where 118 were admitted.

‘Similarly, we have decided to increase our intake for the programmes with special good employment opportunities,’ he added.

New international students ready

26-year-old Dave Peacock from England has been accepted with 156 other students into our Agro Business and Landscape Management programme.

The suits him perfectly because he will get the chance to alternate between academic books, cases from the business community, real-life teaching and an internship in a company.

‘I learn best by using theory in practice and by switching between classic classroom work and physical work. I am also looking forward to my internship – and an exchange programme abroad.’

His dream will be fulfilled if he can get a job within conservation and work with sustainability and environmental protection.

‘But the programme is obviously not just about internship and books. The fellowship with my fellow students also means a lot, so it is clearly an advantage that the classes at Business Academy Aarhus are not as big as those at a research university. The social cohesion will be stronger because of this,’ he says, adding:

‘More than anything else, I can’t wait to get started.’

There are still a few available study places

If you haven't been accepted into your dream programme, there are still a few available study places at Business Academy Aarhus. As you can see on, there are for example some places available on our Chemical and Biotechnical Science programme.

Development in overall intake for Business Academy Aarhus

Marketing Management, Financial Management*, and Multimedia Design and Communication are the Academy’s most popular programmes.

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