Car students from all over the world compete in Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus is hosting NUCARS 2018 next week. 66 students specialising in car sales and management will be joining us from America, China, France and Germany. Together with the Danish students, they will be competing for customers and millions of dollars in the automotive industry.

Millions of dollars are at stake with NUCARS, which will be hosted in Denmark from 9-13 April. 

NUCARS is an international simulation game with 66 participants from three continents. There are 12 Danish students from Business Academy Aarhus and Cphbusiness. They are all marketing management students who specialise in car sales and marketing.

Last year, a Danish student was on the winning team at the competition, which was held in China.

NUCARS 2018 is organised by Business Academy Aarhus in cooperation with Aarhus Municipality, the car industry/the Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish car importers and

How do you become the industry's best?

The idea behind NUCARS is that the participants develop and operate a virtual car company across the different nationalities. For 10 accounting periods, participants must make decisions covering marketing, distribution, production, product development and finance.

‘How do you become the industry’s best? Should you hire, fire, advertise or regulate prices? It’s about evaluating the company’s situation and taking the necessary action’ says Finn Rolighed Andersen, our coordinator for the car sales and marketing programme.

The simulation is done in groups. Car sales and marketing students from Denmark must therefore compete for customers and millions of dollars in collaboration with students from cultures as diverse as American, Chinese and European (represented by participants from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France).

‘Participants could end up discussing whether they should develop new models, focus on higher or lower prices, increase production or warehouse capacity. The game teaches the students to see the consequences of their actions and to make important decisions together,’ says Finn Rolighed Andersen.

Unique opportunity to network

It is critical that for their educational programme that the students create networks. In addition to learning a lot professionally from NUCARS, there will be many opportunities to build a good international network, which is an important factor in a global industry.

‘We’ll get a unique insight into how foreign companies act in the market. It will be so exciting to meet the other participants’, says Karoline Althaus Lagerberg from the company Aunsbjerg in Aarhus, which is one of the participants in the game.

During the NUCARS week, there will be visits to Danish car companies, including Bilinfo in Højbjerg, Ejner Hessel and Bayern AutoGroup, and lectures and cultural activities. The week will be concluded with an awards ceremony.

‘I am looking forward to hearing how they do things in other parts of the world. It’s great sparring and a learning experience of a lifetime,’ says Caroline Laisbo, car and sales marketing student from ERA BILER in Hillerød.

Third time in Denmark

NUCARS stands for Northwood University Computerized Automotive Retail Simulation.

This is the third time the game is taking place in Denmark. The last time was in 2008 – also in Aarhus.

The competition will be kick started on Monday 9 April with an official welcome by Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard at the City Hall in Aarhus. The winner will be announced on Friday, 13 April.

The actual game-simulation will be managed by Professor Elgie Bright from Northwood University, Michigan in America.

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