EY Aarhus crowned best internship company

The consultancy company EY Aarhus have, right from the start, given intern Daniel Vistisen the opportunity to really contribute, and this has ensured them the title as the best internship company for 2018 at Business Academy Aarhus’ annual competition.

It was an obviously pleased Daniel Vistisen, who on behalf of his internship company EY Aarhus, accepted the prize for this year’s best internship company  at our annual internship competition.

Daniel Vistisen was one of many students who nominated his internship company for the prize in the spring.

The jury was not in doubt that the consultancy company EY gave 25-year-old Daniel Vistisen, who is studying on our Financial Management programme, an extraordinarily good internship period.

A good match from the beginning

The jury justified their choice of EY Aarhus, stating that this internship company performed best in all areas. From the beginning - a good match between the intern and the company.

‘EY Aarhus has been very systematic in their recruitment of Daniel as an intern. EY’s assurance department has broken with their traditional recruitment pattern by accepting a Financial Management student as an intern’, says Jakob Lave, Development Manager for SEGES and part of the jury.

The company gave Daniel Vistisen the opportunity to actually contribute. And this is why the company is good, because they allowed him to do it, says another jury member, the Rector Christian Mathiasen from Business Academy Aarhus.

‘EY Aarhus has been extremely professional in their introduction and set the framework for an optimal internship, by among other things, assigning Daniel practical tasks on an equal footing with other employees, providing a ‘buddy’ for him and generally being very open-minded to him,’ says Christian Mathiasen.

EY: We are proud of the prize

‘Daniel has utilised theory and models from core courses in his programme, for example accounting, auditing, tax and advisory services, when he, among other things, has recorded, and prepared annual reports and the appendices for tax returns,’ says the third and final member of the jury, Anne Marie Andersen, who is the Internship Consultant at Business Academy Aarhus.

EY Aarhus has endorsed his efforts by offering him a student job. Alongside his studies, Daniel Vistisen is currently working in EY’s Kolding branch. He is hoping that he will get a fulltime job when he has graduated.

‘We’re really proud to receive the award and at the same time honoured that Daniel nominated us, totally unsolicited. Everyone has benefitted from our cooperation. As an intern, he has been assigned the same duties and responsibilities as our other trainees. He performed his duties admirably,’ says manager Peter Bække Jensen from EY Aarhus and adds:

‘To be Daniel’s immediate superior has been a pleasure because he is has great drive and is very motivated to always do his best.’

The winner progresses to LEGO House

Every year, more than 2,000 students from Business Academy Aarhus do their internship. An internship is compulsory on all of Business Academy Aarhus’ higher education programmes.

The crowning of this year’s best internship at Business Academy Aarhus pays tribute to the importance of good internships and at the same time allows the students to give something back to their internship company.

Daniel Vistisen and EY Aarhus will now compete in the nationwide finale, where his internship experience will compete against the winners from the country’s other eight business academies.

Denmark’s best internship company will be crowned in a big finale on Wednesday, 16 May in LEGO House, situated in Billund.

A student from Business Academy Aarhus won the nationwide internship competition in 2016.

The six semi-final companies

  • Djurslands Bank with Marketing Management student Mette Kristina Svendsen
  • EY Aarhus with Financial Management student Daniel Vistisen
  • Nordea Erhverv with Financial Management student Morten Damm Kjær Jørgensen
  • SDU Odense, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy with Chemical and Biotechnical student Mette-Louise Raaberg Pedersen
  • Ucommerce ApS with Software Development student Petr Ilnytsky
  • Unique Models with Multimedia Design student Karoline Maria Sørensen