339 international students from 33 countries

Our ten English-language programmes welcomed students from 33 different countries this week.

Daria Bantas (on the left) and Alice Kierpe are together with 59 other young people studying Marketing Management, the Academy’s second largest, English-language programme. 

Daria comes from Moldova and Alice from Latvia. Both are 18 years old and have just finished high school in their home countries.

‘We have heard so much good stuff about Business Academy Aarhus. And getting a high-quality education, with the emphasis on practical skills, is of great importance to us,’ the two new classmates agree. 

Students from all over the world

339 students from 33 different countries including Italy, Somalia and Vietnam started this week on one of the Academy’s ten English-language programmes.

This means that one in six or 15% of all new students come from a different country.

Head of Student Services Mads Hedelund is pleased with all the new students. 

‘The term diversity has become a bit of a cliché these days, but we truly encourage a diverse student population as Business Academy Aarhus believes that the inclusion of different types of people helps the homogeneous Danish students broaden their horizons. This also helps us with our joint goals of internationalisation at home and abroad as it enables us to attract our partner universities’ students on exchange programmes and summer schools. As exchange programmes are reciprocal, we would not be able to offer our Danish or international students exchange periods abroad were it not for our international programmes where the international students form the majority,’ he says.

The majority come from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary

The 1½ year Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the Academy’s largest English-language programme with 72 newly-started students. Followed by Marketing Management with two classes. The third largest is the Bachelor’s in Digital Concept Development with 38 new students.

Poland, Slovakia and Hungary send us the largest number of students.