6 percent more applications to Business Academy Aarhus

For the tenth consecutive year, Aarhus' third largest educational institution has more applications.

A total of 6,630 applications have been recieved for Business Academy Aarhus’ 27 programmes, of which 10 are also taught exclusively in English.  This is 364 more applications than last year and an increase of 6 percent.

Marketing and financial programmes still popular

The Academy’s most popular programmes are still Marketing Management, with 780 applications and Financial Management with 655 applications. 

‘The growth in applicants for these programmes shows that people are really glad for our close cooperation with companies, the close relationship between theory and practice and a form of studying that prioritises teaching and learning,’ says the Rector Christian Mathiasen.

Our IT programmes are also popular, which is also pleasing to our rector. 

As a graduate from our IT Technology AP programme for example, students can work as an IT consultant, system administrator or network consultant for example. The job market for IT students is good, which is also important for our potential students.

Applicants will receive an answer on 26 July

All the thousands of applicants will find out whether they have been accepted into their dream educational programme on Friday, 26 July.

If there is space, it will be possible to be admitted into Business Academy Aarhus’ programmes right up until the semester start.

Available study places will be published on our website on 26 July.