Baby bottle and climate-friendly baptism gift win awards at the Danish Championships in Entrepreneurship

A sustainable gift concept for newborns and a multi-functional thermal baby bottle both win a prize at the Danish Championships in Entrepreneurship.

ProParent and BornGreen, who both won an award, also got 25,000 DKK each - money they can use to get their products out to customers.

‘It's curiosity, empathy, courage and initiative coupled with real problems. As a lecturer, it has been a pleasure to be with them on the journey and see them grow. I am so proud,’ says Associate Lecturer Gitte Buje from Business Academy Aarhus, who rooted for her students at the awards ceremony held at the Danish Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, 29 May.

Finalists from all over the country

21 teams of students from higher education institutions scattered throughout Denmark had qualified for the Danish Championships in Entrepreneurship.

All the finalists qualified via regional finals, and for the Danish Championships their ideas were tested by a panel of experienced businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

The students competed in four categories: GreenTech, Service Innovation, Lifetech and Social entrepreneurship.

Trees for newborns and a thermal baby bottle

Out of the five teams representing Business Academy Aarhus, two were able to step up onto the victory podium.

Behind BornGreen are four international entrepreneurial students Vlad Danceanu from Romania, Moris Vandevyver from Belgium, Aleksander Grzegorz Szostak from Poland and Danish Martin Schaumburg Sørensen. They have developed a sustainable gift concept for newborns: a local, newly planted tree that can soak up CO2.

The gift concept also has a social view because the company invests their profits in advising young people in sustainability.

Josefine Frandsen, Janni Wolff and Anne Sofie Krogh Nielsen studying the Innovation and Entrepreneurship bachelor are responsible for the startups ProParent, which is a multifunctional thermal bottle for formula. The bottle is convenient at night and when you are on the road, because everything is together and ready for use.

Won two out of four categories 

The two ideas were so thorough, well researched, innovative and well-pitched to the judges that, despite fierce competition, BornGreen and ProParent were able to lift their trophies and call themselves Danish Masters in Entrepreneurship in the categories Social entrepreneurship and Lifetech.

The foundation for entrepreneurship is responsible for the competition.