Denmark’s best internship company to be crowned

Eight companies will battle it out on Tuesday, 28 May for this year’s best Business Academy internship company. Denmark’s Business Academies are responsible for the competition which focuses on how internship companies create value for students and themselves.

317 nominations from inner Copenhagen to rural Jutland have been whittled down to eight finalists in the competition to become Denmark’s best internship company. Students from the eight Business Academies have nominated companies across the country for the competition, which is being held for the fourth year in a row.

From Aarhus, the Financial Management and Services student Louise Kjær Petersen (pictured) has had an excellent internship at RAMBØLL Management Consulting.

Important pat on the back

Michael Rugaard is the head of the secretariat for the Danish Business Academies and says that the competition is an important pat on the back for the business community, which takes more than 9,000 interns from the Business Academies each year.

‘With the best internship award, we pay tribute to the Business Academies DNA - namely that we are practice-orientated.  It is a hallmark of our students that they already know the companies when they start their first job. So they can ‘hit the ground running’ so to speak and this is unique in the higher education sector,’ explains Michael Rugaard.

Internships open the door to the labour market

And it doesn’t matter which internship company the students choose because the job often ends up being the entrance ticket to their first job.

In fact, about every fourth internship leads to permanent employment, estimates the Danish Business Academies.

‘The companies are very pleased with our interns, and some que up to get them. They are therefore really committed to ensuring that the internships are rewarding and a good experience for all. We want to acknowledge that commitment,’ says the Secretariat Head, Michael Rugaard.

New: The Judges Special Prize

Earlier in the spring, the Business Academies held their own local finals. This means that there are now eight winners ready to compete in front of keen, but also critical audience and judge’s panel. The judge’s panel comprises of, among others, former Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Brian Mikkelsen and an investor in the Danish version of the TV programme Shark Tank, Mia Wagner.

As something new this year, there is the Judge’s Special prize for an internship company that has outdone themselves. The judges will will also choose the overall winner for this year’s internship company. There is also a prize for the audience’s favourite. 

The judges consist of:

• Brian Mikkelsen, former Minister and Director of the Danish Chamber of Commerce

Charlotte Lundblad, Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Danish Business Academies and HR Director at DXC Technology

Erick Thürmer, CEO Thürmer Tools

• Nanna Højlund, Vice-Chairperson of FH, Danish Trade Union Confederation

• Kasper Palm, Union Secretary, Mia Wagner, CEO Freeway and investor known from the Danish version of the TV success ‘Shark Tank’ on DR1.


• Nybolig Palle Ørtoft, Aalborg – nominated by Mie Dyg Christensen, Financial Management, Dania Academy, Randers

RAMBØLL Management Consulting, Aarhus – nominated by Louise Kjær Petersen, Financial Management and Services, Business Academy Aarhus

• Skjoldby & Co., Roskilde – nominated by Josefine Evjene, Marketing Management, Zealand, Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business

• Danske Bank, Kolding – nominated by Julie Højland, Financial Management, IBA, International Business Academy Kolding.

• GroupM Danmark, Copenhagen – nominated by Nadja Elisabeth Brehmer, Marketing Management, Cphbusiness, Copenhagen

Eurowind Energy, Hobro – nominated by Anders Olesen, Electrical Contractor, Erhvervsakademi Midwest (EAMV)

Danfoss  –  nominated by Pernille Schultz, Marketing Management, Business Academy Southwest (EA), Sønderborg

Vestergaard Company, Gevninge – nominated by Mikkel Grenaa Larsen, Automotive Technology, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA).