Internship concept gives students digital know-how

Students from Business Academy Aarhus will get sought-after digital competencies in the fields of marketing, data analysis and software development - and perhaps even a job with the new ‘Digital Academy Internship’

21-year-old Fani Bosak was one of the first participants in the Digital Academy Internship course.

‘It has been a wildly exciting to learn everything from scratch about digital marketing, search engine optimisation, data analysis of market potential, legislation, etc. So, in many ways, the Digital Academy has changed my life,’ said Fani Bosak, who is from Croatia, and graduated from Business Academy Aarhus’ Multimedia Design programme.

Eye of the needle

Digital Academy Internship is in Aarhus. It was founded in 2018 by the three companies Lead Supply, BoligPortal and North Media Online and in a four-month internship provides talented students studying at a higher education institution with know-how in the fields of data-driven marketing, data analysis and software development.

Fani Bosak was one of the 12 applicants who were chosen for the internship course - out of 110 applicants.

During her internship, Fani established a Croatian counterpart for which in no time became the best placed on Google in Croatia.

Fani also nominated Digital Academy for Business Academy Aarhus' Best Internship Company Competition.

Internship opened door to a job

Today, Fani has swapped her internship contract for a permanent position as online marketing specialist.

The Danish finance newspaper Børsen covered the story about Digital Academy changing her life.

Not only for software developers

Henrik Løvig is an Executive Officer at North Media Online and the Chairman of the Board in Lead Supply - two of the three companies that are included in the Digital Academy Internship.

‘If we continue to develop companies, it’s not just software developers that are needed. We have just as much need for people who know something about digital marketing and data analysis. So, the Digital Academy helps in the joint task of educating even more within these highly sought-after digital competencies,’ he said to Børsen.

Investing in young people

At Business Academy Aarhus, Associate Lecturer Birgitte Nygaard Alexandersen is excited about the new, digital internship offer.

‘The Digital Academy really invests in the young people who get the opportunity to delve deep into the business development in the three companies. Our students learn a lot. At the same time, the Digital Academy does not only focus on the students’ academic development. They also work with their personal development,’ she says.