Message to 1,100 new students: Put your phone away!

Business Academy Aarhus has introduced a mobile – and SoMe – free teaching environment for more than 1,100 new students because it provides higher marks and a better social life.

When 23-year-old Michael Bo Sørensen (pictured) started his educational programme on Monday morning, he got this message:

Put your phone in your bag and turn off social media notifications.

 The idea is good, but you need to get used to it

‘Sounds like a good idea,’ was his immediate reaction.

Michael is, like so many others, used to having his phone close at hand so that he can constantly check it.  But that is over now. 

‘I will probably need to get used to it. It is, of course, a deeply-rooted habit which I need to change.  But I can see the point of it. Mobile phones make you antisocial and interrupt your concentration,’ he says.

Less loneliness and better marks

For past three years, Business Academy Aarhus has been testing ‘no devices’ in classes, and the results have been so good that, from August this year, mobile bans are being introduced to more than 1,100 1st semester students on six of the Academy’s programmes. Marketing Management and Financial Management and Services are two of the English programmes that now have a mobile ban.

‘We see ourselves as a place of work, and therefore we insist on some norms and rules which the students must follow. We anticipate that the students will be less lonely and get better marks,’ says Head of Programme, Dorthe Bohlbro.

She adds that it is about digital culture  –  and that the Academy as an educational institution has a responsibility.

On a typical day, 37 percent of the Academy’s Internet traffic is to Facebook.