Students picture the future Aarhus

Four students from Business Academy Aarhus wish to increase citizen participation in the Aarhus City Council’s upcoming budget debate. Therefore, you will see the students armed with an easel, canvas and a brush in the streets of Aarhus.

Budget negotiations – does that sound dry and dull?

Nevertheless, four first-year students attending our Bachelor top-up degree programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship have set their minds on engaging the citizens of Aarhus in the budget negotiations.

Citizen participation rethought 

‘It will be a very exciting challenge for us to discover to which extent we are able to nudge more citizens into participating in the upcoming budget negotiations. Even though it may seem dry and dull, it is the budget negotiations that outline the future of Aarhus. Therefore, we wish to invite all the citizens of Aarhus to the drawing board,’ says our student Anders Bojsen.

Together with the Municipality of Aarhus’ Department of Culture and Citizens’ Services and Mormor, the artist, the four students will draw a picture of Aarhus as its citizens envision it.

That is what the Municipality of Aarhus has issued in a press release.

With brushes and canvas 

Armed with easel, canvas and brush, the four students will be present at different locations in Aarhus.

‘So far it is going really well. We already have inputs from 100 citizens,’ says Anders Bojsen, a student at Business Academy Aarhus. The many inputs will be combined when Mormor, the artist, unites the inputs by creating a large representation of the future Aarhus as its citizens envision it.

Different and creative

The Municipality of Aarhus regards it as an entirely new way of working with citizen participation.

‘It is fantastic to witness the students’ commitment to the task of increasing citizen participation. It is important to our democracy that we work continuously at increasing citizen participation. I am looking forward to seeing the future Aarhus as its citizens envision it,’ says Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Alderman of the Department of Culture and Citizens’ Services.


Together with 200 fellow students, the four students behind the project are focusing on entrepreneurship. With an initial capital of DKK 500, the goal is to generate the highest possible value within 5 days. The students presenting the best project will receive a reward.