Students present Future IoT solutions

25 Danish and international bachelor students in Product Development and Integrative Technology present their exam projects at Europe’s leading conference on the Internet of Things.

An alarm to warn lorry drivers about illegal refugees who break in and hide in the cargo compartment. An app that tells you when you can charge your phone with green energy. A tool to conserve water. An app that tells you about air pollution and guides you away from the city’s worst smog. A portable device that measures the acidity of a farmer’s field and indicates where it is.

Creativity og know-how

Both creativity and technical know-how were in focus in the five showcases that 25 students from the Bachelor’s degree in Product Development and Integrative Technology presented during Public Expo, as part of IoT Week 2019 in Aarhus in June.

‘The students are quite proud of their projects. The fact that they have to present their prototypes to the general public and professionals, prepares them differently than if they were in a private exam room,’ says Head of the Programme Anne Kirketerp from Business Academy Aarhus. 

Hard, but fun work

The students have worked hard to develop their prototypes throughout the spring.

All five showcases will make everyday life more sustainable, safe or healthy - and have a clear Internet of Things structure.

‘We’ve invested lots of time into making this work, but it's been fun,’ says one of the students Carsten Eskildsen.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things is an entire business area where a company can for example, use data to save money, become more sustainable or grow new business areas.

It is a clever use of already available data from e.g. vehicles, buildings and gadgets, which are not traditional computers, but which contain some software, electronics, sensors and an Internet connection.

According to the OECD, Denmark is the country in the world with the second most IoT units in relation to population size.

Several of the exam projects are based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals