3940 applications for Business Academy Aarhus

After two record years, there was a decline in the number of applications, but still far more applicants than available study places.

A total of 3,940 potential students applied to Business Academy Aarhus’ 27 programmes. That’s 543 fewer applications than the last two record years, but (almost) the same high level as in 2019.

Lots of interest in IT and business subjects

‘We are delighted to be back to a reasonable 2019 level after two years of extraordinarily high applications and many extra study places. We still have way too many applicants for the study places we can offer though, and will, unfortunately, have to disappoint many young people,’ says Rector Anne Storm Rasmussen.

The Academy’s last remaining English-language programme, Multimedia Design, had 336 applications, which is 73 % more applications than in 2021.

Fewer study places this year

Due to the Danish government’s requirement to close study places, the Academy has had to reduce our intake by 250 students compared to 2019.

In August, 2,400 new students will be admitted.

Applicants will receive an answer on 28 July

All the thousands of applicants will then find out whether they have been accepted into their dream degree programme early on Thursday morning, 28 July.

Any available study places will also be published on 28 July.



Number of applications