6,901 applications to Business Academy Aarhus

A total of 6,901 potential students applied to Business Academy Aarhus’ 27 programmes by the 5 July deadline. This is 271 more applications than last year and an increase of 4 per cent.

For the eleventh consecutive year, the third-largest educational institution in Aarhus has received more applications.

Largest surge for business subjects

The Academy’s most popular programmes are still Marketing Management, with 537 applications and Financial Management with 328 applications.

‘The growth in applicants again this year shows that young people are pleased with the Academy’s close cooperation with companies, the link between theory and practice, and a form of study where teaching and learning are of the utmost priority,’ says Rector Christian Mathiasen.

The most popular Danish programmes are the Bachelor in Food Technology and Application, which rose by 65 per cent for first-priority applications, and our AP in Multimedia Design, which received 51 per cent more first-priority applications. The most popular English-language programme was IT Technology, which rose by 15 per cent for first-priority applications.

Corona fired Daniel will study instead

24-year-old Daniel Møller is one of the 148 people who have applied for our Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programme (only available in Danish).  Daniel was engaged in a promising career in the charter tourism trade when corona hit and forced him into unemployment.

‘Now I’ll take advantage of the situation and add higher education to my CV. In the future, I see myself as a manager in the retail or tourism sector, and I hope that the Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programme will give me a good foundation for that,’ says Daniel, a skilled sales assistant from Thisted.

Applicants will receive an answer on 28 July

All the thousands of applicants will find out whether they have been accepted into their dream degree programme on Tuesday, 28 July.

If there is space, it will be possible to be admitted into Business Academy Aarhus’ programmes right up until the semester start. 

Available study places will be published on our website on 28 July. 
Business Academy Aarhus will admit around 2,600 new students in August and this year we are creating an additional 359 study places.

More and more applicants year after year

Business Academy Aarhus 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Increase in % from 2019 til 2020
Number of applications 4546 5181 5470 5796 6185 6266 6649 6901 corresponding to an increase of 4 %, or 271 more applications