Four students win European e-business award

Our entrepreneurial students Soraya Zieren, Florentina Ceapa, Andrei Toth and Nicki Grønkjær Jensen from Kale Nyabo have won the coveted e-business award during the European Championships in entrepreneurship in Riga.

Students from Business Academy Aarhus win first place with a charity shop at the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship.

Four entrepreneurial students win the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship and 50,000 DKK with a charity shop that supports single mothers in Uganda by selling the mothers’ own, handmade stuff.

EY Aarhus wins Denmark’s best internship company

EY Aarhus and intern Daniel Vistisen from Business Academy Aarhus are triumphant after competing against the eight other internship companies at a gala event in Billund.

From international student to mentor

Alin Ene is former international student at Business Academy Aarhus. Now he helps other international students as a mentor, which includes helping them with the transition from student to worker.

EY Aarhus crowned best internship company

The consultancy company EY Aarhus have, right from the start, given intern Daniel Vistisen the opportunity to really contribute, and this has ensured them the title as the best internship company for 2018 at Business Academy Aarhus’ annual competition.

Car students from all over the world compete in Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus is hosting NUCARS 2018 next week. 66 students specialising in car sales and management will be joining us from America, China, France and Germany. Together with the Danish students, they will be competing for customers and millions of dollars in the automotive industry.

Good Danish skills helped Bertold with an internship

For Bertold Bocskor from Hungary, it has been a great help that he learnt Danish while studying. After just one year in Denmark, he applied for and got an internship where most of the work takes place in Danish.

Business Academy Aarhus to choose this year’s best internship company

Join the competition to decide this year’s best internship company. Business Academy Aarhus invites all former and current students in an internship – in Denmark or internationally – to take part in the competition.

An internship in China is great

The number of our students who do their internships in China has tripled from 2016 to 2017. Mads Hedelund, Head of Career and Internationalisation, is very pleased with this growth.

Thinking in the box

What started as a school project at Business Academy Aarhus has in a very short time developed into an entrepreneurial adventure for three of our students. 130 moves have been completed, and now DELEBOKS will be followed for a year in new programme on the national TV station, TV2.