New international agricultural programme

Business Academy Aarhus is starting up a new higher education programme in ‘Agricultural and Environmental Management’ in September 2016. This programme is specifically targeted at managers at large farms abroad.

Business Academy Aarhus elects the best Internship of the Year

Did you have superb internship? If so, as a student at Business Academy Aarhus, now is your chance to nominate your company.

Companies line up to speak to students about internships and job opportunities

150 students and 50 companies speed dated for internships and jobs at Business Academy Aarhus.

Student jobs as research assistants

A student job as research assistants at Business Academy Aarhus gave Kristinna Kristensen and Tine Dalby valuable training in what it means to work scientifically.

From farmer to graduate student

A farmer training programme was not enough for Rasmus Skovgaard Stephansen. He wants to work with Danish cattle breeding and therefore had to go higher up in the education system. He recently graduated (with top marks) as a Bachelor in Agricultural and Environmental Management from Business Academy Aarhus. But Rasmus is not stopping here. In two years, if all goes well, he will earn a Master’s degree in Agrobiology.

Business Academy Aarhus earns highest stamp of approval

Business Academy Aarhus is the first Danish School of Applied Sciences to be awarded a positive accreditation in Denmark. The Academy’s accreditation once again proves that we develop relevant, quality programmes.