Admitted: 2,650 young adults have been offered a study place in August

Once again, the most popular programmes are finance, economics and IT programmes.

2,068 upcoming students received their letters of admission from Business Academy Aarhus on 28 July. One of them is 21-year-old Daniel Jensen from Vejen.

Ready for a job in 3,5 years

The opportunity to get an internship and good employment possibilities led Daniel, like so many other students, to apply for a degree programme at Business Academy Aarhus.
‘I have always loved IT’, says Daniel ‘and have always known that I wanted to study at a business academy rather than at a research university. I want to do this because the programmes are practice-orientated, with compulsory internships, promote group work, have smaller class sizes and teachers who come from the business world,’ says Daniel.

The total intake is 2,650

In addition to the 2,068 who were offered a study place on one of our AP programmes on Wednesday night, a further 582 students had pre-approved admission to one of our top-up programmes. This brings the total enrollment figure to 2,650. Of these, 244 students will be studying on one of our popular English-language AP programmes, and 161 students will be studying on one of our English-language Bachelor's top-up programmes.

IT, Finance and economics are popular

All the Academy's international programmes have once again had more applicants than we have room for. 

‘It is positive that the Academy is once again a very popular educational institution. At the same time, I am particularly pleased that young people are applying to study programmes with good employment opportunities. The demand from the business community for IT and technical skills is ever-increasing. That is why it is gratifying that we can help provide an education to some of these specialists,’ says Rector Anne Storm Rasmussen.

There are unfortunately very few available study places on our international programmes

Although most of the international study places are filled, there are still vacancies on some of our Danish programmes such as  miljøteknolog og professionsbachelor i økonomi og it.

More and more students year after year

As can be seen from the table below, Business Academy Aarhus admits more and more students each year. Marketing Management, Financial Management, and Multimedia Design are the Academy’s most popular programmes.

Year No. of admissions per year
(autumn admission, the Koordinerede Tilmelding, KOT)
2017 1.586
2018 1.682
2019 1.798
2020 2.007
2021 2.068