An exceptional number of applications for Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus is more popular than ever this year. We have received a total of 3,375 applications. That’s 15 percent more than last year.

22-year-old Isabella Paaske is one of the record number of young people who have applied for a higher education programme at Business Academy Aarhus via a quota 2 application.

In 2019, she graduated from high school and had planned a two-year sabbatical to travel. But the corona pandemic got in the way of that. Instead, she works as a service assistant in a supermarket and now she wants to get an education.

‘Economics and IT are subjects that never go out of fashion and in which I see great potential. I really hope that I get in,’ says Isabella, who has applied for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and Information Technology (only available in Danish).

15 percent more applications

Business Academy Aarhus has received a total of 3,375 quota 2 applications. This is 436 more applications than last year, which corresponds to fifteen percent.

‘We are pleased with the high number of applicants and the fact that young people are still thinking about their future and plan on continuing their higher education with us,’ says Rector Anne Storm Rasmussen, emphasising the fact that Business Academy Aarhus has received an increase in applicants for the twelfth consecutive year.

Finance and IT most popular

Business Academy Aarhus received an increased number of applications for programmes such as our bachelor programme in Financial Management and Services (available in English) and Business Economics and Information Technology as well as Financial Management where 1st priority applications have increased by 33%, 41% and 28% respectively.

‘It is a positive development that more and more students choose an education with really good job opportunities. This is clearly an advantage for all,’ says Anne Storm Rasmussen.

The most popular English language programme is Marketing Management with 341 applications. This is followed by Multimedia Design with 154 applications.

Corona got in the way of a ski job

22-year-old Jacob Kaae from Tilst applied for a bachelor's degree in IT Architecture (only available in Danish). The programme only started in January as the first of its kind in the country.

Until corona hit, Jacob worked as a ski guide in Italy. Today he works as a service assistant in Bilka and in IKEA's return department.

‘After a few gap years, which have been very different than I expected because of corona, I look forward to starting an education. I applied because I want a practical education tailored to the business community, with internships and good job opportunities. I really want to work in the field between companies and IT developers, with technology and people,’ says Jacob.

Applicants will receive an answer in July

The 5th of July is the deadline for Danish and international students who are currently attending an upper secondary school in Denmark. The Academy usually receives around 3,800 applications. These applicants are admitted according to their academic average from their upper secondary school. On 28 July, the number of study places will be distributed among the many applicants. We usually offer around 2,300 young people the chance to study with us.