Bjorn and Kent want to revolutionise travel planning

Two former Digital Concept students want to make travel planning as easy as possible for students who take a semester abroad and go on our summer schools.

Almost 400 students from Business Academy Aarhus leave Denmark each year to study a semester abroad or take a two-week summer school. Of these, about 200 students go abroad to do their internships. This enables our students to experience other cultures and learning forms. 

In order to create awareness for our students, Business Academy Aarhus has an annual GoAbroad fair. This time the students were also introduced to a tool developed by two former students to simplify travel planning.

Fun and simple travel planning

Lentii is the name of the digital travel planner.

The platform works like the social network Pinterest, and uses technology from Ønskeskyen. They already have more than 400 (predominantly Aarhus) users.

Social travel planning tool 

‘The average traveller spends more than 30 hours researching and planning their journey,’ says co-founder and CEO Bjørn Valentin (right), a graduate from both our Marketing Management programme and our Digital Concept programme.

‘With our tool, you can save time and organise all your ideas and information about where to go and what to see in one place. This makes it easy when several people travel together in a group,’ he adds.

App presented at our GoAbroad fair

In February, Bjørn Valentin, together with his co-founder Kent Ove Jensen (who graduated from our Multimedia Design and Digital Concept programmes) presented their tools to students who attended Business Academy Aarhus’ GoAbroad fair in our canteen at Sønderhøj 30 in Aarhus.

Partners from Seoul to Dar es Salaam and Vaasa

The Academy has agreements with over 70 universities worldwide - from Toronto and Kuala Lumpur, to Tokyo, Pisa and Paris.

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