Entrepreneur duo started Gazelle company

Andreas Linde and Stefan Vinding Olesen established the Gazelle company during their studies at Business Academy Aarhus. Now Lead Supply is the fastest-growing company in Central Jutland, has ten employees and sells for millions.

It all started at Business Academy Aarhus.

The two enterprising guys had just started on our Multimedia Design programme and initially didn't like each other.

‘We didn't really get along. I thought he was arrogant, and he thought I was arrogant,’ remembers Andreas Linde (left in the picture) about his partner, 27-year-old Stefan Vinding Olesen.

At the time, about seven years ago, starting a company together was the last thing they considered.

They smartened up.

Momondo for bank loans

At a party, they both had a little too much to drink and discovered that they did actually like one another.  Since then, they have been together 50 hours a week and created the company Lead Supply, which is behind the service Matchbanker.dk.

The company compares and shares information on bank loans and basically does the same as Momondo – just for the loan market.

Gazelle and Central Jutland's fastest growing company

In almost four years, Andreas Linde and Stefan Vinding Olesen have created a company that has a turnover of over one million, and brokers 8,000 loans in Europe every month.

In October, the company was crowned as Gazelle company. The following month, it was recognised as the region's fastest growing company at the Børsen's Gazelle Conference in Aarhus.

‘The prize really means a lot. It puts us on the map and proves that the market we have gone into is ready,’ says 27-year-old Andreas Linde.    

Lecturers on the sidelines

The successful online concept came to life while the young duo behind Lead Supply were studying their Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as a top-up to their Multimedia Design programme.

‘We spend so much of what we have learnt on the programme,’ says Andreas Linde and elaborates:

‘our lecturers have been on the sidelines the whole way with both support and feedback. They encouraged us to read books and sharpen our market strategy. It has clearly also been helpful that we had time to experiment with and start our company while still studying. We still use the mindset of, for example, agile product development and the way of working that we learned while studying.’

‘But the best thing about studying was probably that I met my business partner,’ he concludes.

Practice makes perfect

The entrepreneurial duo tried several times before they hit the spot with their fin-tech start-up Lead Supply in 2014.

They tried, among other things, with a website so that customers could get offers from dentists, another one with offers for catering and one with offers for broadband and telephones.

But none of these were particularly successful.

‘Eventually, we figured out that there was a market for bank loans. No one our age thinks about going to into a bank to talk to a bank advisor. You go online,’ says Andreas Linde to the newspaper Børsen.

Read the article (in Danish only) 27-årige iværksættere sammenligner banklån og vokser over 2000 pct: "Vi kunne ikke lide hinanden".

A crazy time

To start with, the two young entrepreneurs managed the company Stefan Vinding Olesen's room. But in less than 19 months, their turnover was over 2 million DKK a month.

‘It was totally crazy. We had the enthusiasm and work ethic to just plough through,’ remembers Andreas Linde, who now lives north of Aarhus with his wife and two children.

Lead Supply is now situated in Aarhus Nord and has about 10 employees.

The aim is to become, by the end of 2020, a market leader in Europe.

Last year, Matchbanker brokered a total of around 50,000 loans worth a total of 2 billion DKK.