Full speed ahead for Sylwia’s career as an IT security specialist

Sylwia Budzynska has been taught how to design secure systems and networks on her educational programme. She uses this in her work at Denmark's second largest bank.

23-year-old Sylwia Budzynska has picked up the pace ever since she left her native Poland and moved to Denmark almost five years ago.

Over the years, Sylwia has managed to study two IT programmes, started a third, and works with IT security at Jyske Bank.

‘I wanted an international educational programme and had heard that Denmark was the happiest country in the world. That's why I chose to study here. It turned out to be a wise decision,’ says Sylwia, who first studied IT Technology, and followed this up with a top-up degree in IT security (only available in Danish) from Business Academy Aarhus.

Works with IT security in Jyske Bank

While studying on her two programmes, Sylwia first did an internship with Scandinavia's largest open-source IT supplier Magenta and then later with Jyske Bank at their head office in Silkeborg.

Today she is employed as a student assistant at Jyske Bank.

‘I work in the security and risk management department, where I do periodic checks and help make sure that the bank's servers and web applications are secure,’ Sylwia says.

Has won an award for her coding

Sylwia is so passionate about IT security and technology that she spends most of her free time improving her skills. That's why she's participated in several coding events and has won hacker competitions. She also gives advice about 3D printing and virtual reality.

‘IT security, especially in applications, is an incredibly exciting field. It's so meaningful to identify weaknesses in IT systems to prevent criminals from breaking in,’ she explains.

Still studying alongside her job

Recently, Sylwia started another higher education. This time on Master’s level. The programme is a master's in Computer Science, which she is studying online at Warsaw University of Technology.

‘I love soaking up new knowledge and skills and think that further education opens the door to more job opportunities,’ says Sylwia, who dreams of a full-time career within the IT security sector in a banking group or another large company in the future.

About Sylwia

  • Age: 23 years old
  • Hometown: Warsaw
  • Education: Graduated as an IT technologist in 2019 and then as a bachelor in IT security (only available in Danish) in 2021 from Business Academy Aarhus. Is now studying for a master's degree in Computer Science, which she is studying online at Warsaw University of Technology.
  • Job: In the IT security and risk management department at Jyske Bank, Silkeborg.