Honorary award to a committed lecturer

Senior Lecturer Gitte Buje is this year’s best teacher! This is the second year in a row, and the third time, that a senior lecturer from Business Academy Aarhus has won the award.

Senior Lecturer, MBA and MA. Gitte Buje from Business Academy Aarhus was moved to tears when she received the award ‘The Educator Award 2021’ on Thursday morning.

‘It’s fantastic and wonderful recognition. Which is why I had tears of joy,’ says Gitte Buje in a thick voice.

The prize was awarded on Thursday 27 May 2021 in the historic Børssal in Copenhagen during the annual Danish Championships in Entrepreneurship for students in higher education.

About Gitte Buje

Since 2014, 60-year-old Gitte Buje has taught innovation and entrepreneurship on our Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme.

Before joining Business Academy Aarhus, she worked as head of innovation at Arla in Aarhus and ran her own advertising agency.

She is well-known for her passionate support for students who run their own companies. At competitions, her students have won several Danish and European Championship titles in entrepreneurship.

She loves to watch from the sidelines and cheer

Ever since the young Gitte Buje coached a little league football team, she has been driven by supporting and motivating individuals.

‘That’s what I love about my job: standing on the sidelines and cheering. It is an incredibly fun and rewarding process to see young people succeed. To see them grow so that they dare to do more both professionally and personally,’ says Gitte.

Third lecturer to receive the award

With this award, Gitte Buje is the third senior lecturer from Business Academy Aarhus to win the best entrepreneurship teacher award.  Last year, Jesper Nørskov won and in 2018 another colleague, Steen Kamronn, won the award.

The students nominate their favourite for the award.