Internship transformed Silvia into a UX expert

Digital concept developer Silvia Artero Alcaraz has nominated the audio company VoiceArchive for this year’s internship award.

‘VoiceArchive has done so much for me as an intern. I want to say a big thank you to them for that.’

Digital Concept Developer and Multimedia Designer Silvia Artero Alcaraz has nominated the Aarhus company VoiceArchive for Business Academy Aarhus’ internship of the year award, 2022.

‘The atmosphere was the best and my colleagues were super sweet,’ says 30-year-old Silvia, who hails from the southeastern Spanish city of Alcoi but now lives in Aarhus.

She has a background as a Multimedia Designer and a Digital Concept Developer. From her native Spain, Silvia also has an education as a teacher and animator.

Learned how to behave in a professional environment

According to Silvia, VoiceArchive deserves to win the internship award.

‘In addition to improving my skills in UX, I have made new friends and learned a lot about how to communicate and behave professionally in a workplace. That’s why they have to win.’

Makes voices for global brands

VoiceArchive, with 25 employees in the Aarhus office and 2,100 speakers worldwide, provides the sonic identity for global, leading brands. Their international offices makes multilingual audio guides for sightseeing and international car brands, advertising voice-overs for clothing groups, telephone answering machines, e-learning og speaks for innumerable product videos on more than 150 languages.

Assigned the role of expert

At VoiceArchive, Silvia helped with a thorough service overhaul of the user experience on the company’s seven platforms. A job that involved research, interviews, usability tests and heuristic evaluations, which is an analytical method to uncover usability problems across screens.

‘I felt a certain amount of pressure that they gave me that much responsibility and saw me as an expert,’ says Silvia, who has used everything that she had learned in her educational programme.

Learned to believe in her instinct and abilities

However, the expert role was entirely appropriate. During her internship, Silvia uncovered how VoiceArchive could improve their user experience and “look and feel” across their digital platforms. So, now when developers update and build new features, they are based on Silvia’s new UI/UX guidelines.

‘The job has taught me to believe in my instinct and skills,’ she concludes.

Not easy to get an internship in Denmark

Although Silvia looks back on her really good internship experience, it was hard work landing it. Even with a great portfolio, the Spanish and English speaking UX designer had to send a lot of applications before there were any takers.

‘I applied for about 15 internships and went for an interview with four companies. I was fortunate to get the position at VoiceArchive and was their first UX intern,’ Silvia says.

She has this advice for other international students:

‘Don't give up. Keep searching. Start researching companies early and have a good attitude. Not everyone can get an internship at LEGO. Small businesses can also teach you a lot.’

After completing her internship, Silvia got a student job as a UX/UI designer at VoiceArchive. She has now graduated and is currently looking for a fulltime job but has several exciting interviews lined up.

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