Kristjana went from an internship to a job

Icelandic Kristjana D. Jónsdóttir has nominated the agency No Zebra in Aarhus for this year’s internship award.

A stroke of luck.

This is what Kristjana D. Jónsdóttir says about the day the digital performance agency No Zebra hired her for an internship in her 3rd semester.

‘I was lucky to get into an exciting company and able to try my hand at disciplines that they do not usually use interns for’ says the 26-year-old newly graduated bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, who also has an AP in Multimedia Design.

Analysed workflows to optimise workflow

At No Zebra, Kristjana got to do both graphic assignments for large customers and internal development assignments. The design department wanted to become better at supporting the company’s other departments. A task Kristjana saw as an obvious opportunity to test her skills as an intrapreneur and problem solver.

‘I analysed work processes to see if we could create a better workflow. In my programme, we learned how to reflect and as an outsider look at how things can be done better. I used those tools at No Zebra,’ says Kristjana.

More than she dreamed of

Despite the corona situation, Kristjana got everything out of her internship that she dreamed of, and more. That is why she has nominated No Zebra for the internship award.

‘They should win because they focus on and nurse their employees to become the best versions of ourselves. I was greeted with kindness and felt involved and trusted from day one,’ says Kristjana, who also had frequent walk-and-talks and feedback sessions with her boss.

Employed as a digital designer

Fortunately for Kristjana, the end of the internship did not mean goodbye and thank you. Today she is employed by No Zebra as a digital designer.

Kristjana’s internship is one of the five nominees for this year’s internship award. Read about some of the other finalists here.