Lucas wants to change the world with 3D printing

Studerende fra 33 forskellige lande begynder i denne uge på ti forskellige, engelsksprogede uddannelser.

Imagine a world where you can just print the products you need, as soon as you need them. This is not science-fiction for Lucas Strægaard Graversen.

He is studying our Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship but has spent the last six months devising a concept for just this scenario.

Disrupt the world

‘At Thürmer Tools, one of the goals is to disrupt the world as we know it by using 3D printing so that production in the future is more efficient, green and local,’ says Lucas, who is doing his internship with the atypical tech and tool company Thürmer Tools which is located in Sealand.

Stakeholder for an extremely expensive digitisation project

Lucas met the company’s CEO Erick Thürmer at a lecture for Business Academy Aarhus’ EAlumne  network. He was so inspired by the director’s message that he approached him after the presentation and asked if he could do his internship with them.

The process has been pure win-win.

‘I have been lucky enough to be responsible for an award-winning, multi-million kroner project regarding the development of an App for the 3D printing of spare parts such as rawlplugs and fittings."

Less material, less waste, much cheaper

The App, which won an innovation award in July, is the first step towards a vision that both Lucas and Thürmer share.

‘The vision is to make "Spotify" for tools.’

The director's right hand

The 120-year-old, family-owned company, Thürmer Tools, specialises in threads, cutting tools, shearing tools and 3D printing.

As an intern, Lucas worked as a coordinator, a business developer and the right hand for CEO Erick Thürmer. Erick, besides being a sought-after lecturer and member of the the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth’s expert group ‘Disruption Task Force’ is also a faculty member at the world famous Singularity University in Silicon Valley.

Along with Erick, Lucas has been invited into a new and exciting world.

‘It is incredibly inspiring and instructive. One thing I make use of is Erick’s mindset that anything is possible. That mindset has rubbed off on me, and now I see opportunities rather than challenges.’

Advises on 3D printing and participates at tech conferences

‘The most exciting thing about doing my internship here is that I get so much responsibility and that every day is different. One day an international horse rider needs a 3D print of a diamond-studded saddle. The next day I advise a Danish furniture designer on how they could restructure their production with 3D printing. The day after, I get to go to an international tech conference,’ says 23-year-old Lucas, who started his studies with an AP degree in Agro Business and Landscape Management.

Once Lucas has graduated, he would like to work as an intrapreneur or be self-employed.

Watch video (00:33) with Lucas at Thürmer Tools