Petra squeezed through the eye of the needle: The most difficult programme to get into

Our IT Technology programme's admission requirements are 10.5. The programme is the third most difficult to get into.

Petra Hrabakova is determined to become a software developer. She is one of the select few studying on our IT Technology programme.

The two-year, English-language Academy Profession Degree is one of the five most difficult further education programmes to get into in Aarhus. To be precise, it is the third most difficult.

This year the programme received 164 applications for 17 study places.

Admission requirements were a staggering 10.5

On average, students needed to have 10.5 to be admitted. This is the same average that is needed to get into medicine and psychology at Aarhus University.

The facts are from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science (only in Danish).

‘I just feel very lucky,’ confirms 23-year-old Petra Hrabakova (pictured).

She is studying for her final semester and comes from the Czech Republic. Currently, as part of her programme, she is doing her internship as a software engineer at the company Kosan Crisplant.

‘I only applied for this one programme and was prepared to wait a semester if I didn't get in,’ she says.

Programme set to close despite its popularity and relevance

From next year, the programme will no longer exist, as the Danish government has decided to close almost all English-language programmes.

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The Danish-language programme will continue

Fortunately, the Danish-language equivalent, it-teknolog, will continue to run and educate much needed IT specialists for Danish companies.

This is also a popular programme with 114 applications for only 17 study places. In one year, the number of applications for the programme has increased by 48 percent.

With the closure of IT Technology, the number of applications and the admission requirements for the Danish programme will probably be even higher.