Record number of Danish applications despite corona

Although most high schools, business schools and student counsellors are currently only ‘open’ via cyberspace, there has been quite a lot of online activity for young people applying to Business Academy Aarhus.

Business Academy Aarhus received a total of 2,939 quota 2 applications, of which 885 are from international students.

‘We are pleased with the high number of applicants and the fact that young people are still thinking about the future and planning on continuing their higher education with us,’ says Rector Christian Mathiasen, noting that Business Academy Aarhus received an increase in applicants for the tenth year in a row.

The number of international applications has unfortunately fallen - but not drastically and certainly not as much as we had feared. Mads Hedelund, Head of Student Services is ‘disappointed though this is not unexpected in these unusual Corona times. Young people are worried that borders may not be open and that they won’t be able to come to Denmark, obviously a unique situation for all.’ The international applications have fallen with 15,5% compared to 2019. 

Increased applications for IT and financial programmes

Business Academy Aarhus received an increased number of applications for programmes such as Computer Science, Business Economics and Information Technology and Financial Management and Services, where 1st priority applications have increased compared to last year.

‘It is a positive development that we can see that several potential students choose an education with really good job opportunities. This is clearly an advantage for all,’ says Christian Mathiasen.

The most popular programme is Marketing Management with 715 applications in all, of these 248 are from international students. After this comes Multimedia Design which is followed by Financial Management.

Cecilie and Magnus want to work with IT

20-year-old Cecilie Bossov Westerdahl from Slagelse is one of the 120 young people who have applied for the computer science programme (only available in Danish).

‘When I’m finished, I can get a good job or continue studying IT security for example. Coding and system development are super interesting, and I look forward to moving to Aarhus and educating myself after a two-year break,’ she says.

24-year-old Magnus Holm Burchhardt from Hinnerup has also applied for the computer science programme.

‘I applied because I want a short, practical education with internships and good job opportunities,’ says Magnus, who previously studied Business Law at a research university but dropped out because it was too theoretical. 

Answer in July

In July, applicants will receive a reply so that they know whether they have been accepted to their dream programme or not.

The 5th of July is the deadline for Danish and international students who are currently attending an upper secondary school in Denmark. The Academy usually receives around 3,800 applications. These applicants are admitted according to their academic average from their upper secondary school.

On 28 July, the number of student places will be distributed among the many applicants, and we usually offer around 2,300 young people a chance to study with us.