STEMinists on the rise

Petra Hrabakova is part of the growing trend of women joining our IT programmes

Petra is one of 7 women who have just started on our IT Technology programme, spring semester 2020. 7 out of a class of 30 is hardly a great statistic until you consider that we only had 5 in total in 2017, 2 in 2018 and only 3 for the whole of 2019. So clearly, 7 for 1 semester sounds slightly more impressive now.

Embedded systems - yay!

Petra Hrabakova is from the Bohemian town of Pilsen in the Czech Republic and although she only moved to Denmark at the end of January, she has already settled into the Danish mentality (despite the extreme amounts of rain we have encountered lately). She is studying on our IT Technology programme because she has ’always loved creating stuff’. Her eyes literally light up when she starts talking about embedded systems and she can’t wait to start soldering on a Veroboard (whatever that is)! When asked about what the best thing about IT technology is, she is hard-pressed to choose between programming and coding. Her interest in IT was awoken by an encounter with an App developer in London. She was impressed by the difference his App is making for children around the world. This encouraged her to learn how to code, which encouraged her to learn more and hence, Business Academy Aarhus’ IT Technology programme.

Diversity of thought

Gert Fuglsang Simonsen, our Head of Department for programmes within IT and Technology is thrilled with the development. ‘Women add more diversity of thought, which leads to better problem-solving. It’s as simple as that’, says Gert and continues ‘collaborating with individuals of different genders and ethnicities leads to increased innovation and therefore an increased capability to understand.’ Business Academy Aarhus looks forward to welcoming even more women in the years to come! 

Practically-orientated programmes

Petra chose Business Academy Aarhus because of our practically-orientated programmes and our mandatory internships. ‘If you study a top-up after your AP, you will have 2 internships and actual experience when you graduate as a Bachelor’, says Petra. She feels that this provides students with better opportunities to focus and obviously get a job afterwards. And as her entire programme is taught in English, she gets to meet both Danes and internationals, so diversity is guaranteed.

Our opportunities are endless

Petra is uncertain what the future holds for her, definitely a top-up, probably Web Development. And then her dream job is ‘working as a software developer for Instagram or YouTube or Google or…’, she laughs. ‘The opportunities are endless!’ Short-term plans include attending our summer school ‘Progressive Web Apps’ with our partner university Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. For now, though, she has plenty of studying to do to get ready for classes tomorrow.