Students awarded for innovative thinking

A pot made of hemp, which reduces plastic waste and CO2 consumption in the horticultural industry has ensured three young entrepreneurs from Business Academy Aarhus an innovation award and DKK 20,000.

Three students who want to make the world a greener place were given a prominent place on the podium, namely second place, when the Innovation Prize 2020 was awarded on Thursday 14 May.

‘Just being in the top three is absolutely amazing. So, we are thrilled,’ says Annika Jesunda Bøg Madsen, Mark Prahinog Nielsen and Astrid Rothausen.

The regions best entrepreneurs

All three happy inventors are Bachelor students on our Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme and earlier this month they won the Regional Championships in Entrepreneurship with their business idea, RePot.

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The prize will take them further 

With the prize comes a cheque for DKK 20,000 which the team will spend on taking their pot adventure a step further.

‘We will use the prize money to establish a company and continue testing pot production,’ explain the three students behind RePot.

Out with plastic, in with hemp

The three students have developed a waterproof pot made of hemp in 100 percent organic material, the pot decomposes when it is planted in the garden.

The hemp pot is intended as an alternative to the general plastic grow pots typically used by horticulturalists - that is, a sustainable solution that will reduce plastic waste and CO2 consumption in the horticultural industry.

The pot can also be used by consumers instead of traditional ceramic pots.

Competition for all of Denmark's students 

The Innovation Prize is organised by VIA University College. Students from all of Denmark’s higher education institutions can participate. To participate, you must have an innovative idea for a product or solution that benefits society.

The theme of this year’s Innovation Prize was the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.