Students win award for robotic arm which prevents physical degeneration for smiths

A robot arm developed by six students from Aarhus and Svendborg is awarded the main prize and DKK 50,000 at the Danish Championships in Entrepreneurship for Students.

There was great jubilation and broad smiles when six SIMAC and Business Academy Aarhus students were crowned Danish champions in the Start-Up Programme category.

The award ceremony took place in the old stock exchange hall at the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen.

‘We didn't expect it. We are very honoured and slightly shocked,’ said one of the group's members, 25-year-old Andreas Stensig (pictured) after the award ceremony.

Engineers and entrepreneurs behind award-winning company idea

Four engineering students from SIMAC in Svendborg and two entrepreneurial students from our bachelor's programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship have developed a robot that can replace repetitive movements in small and medium-sized companies.

Will prevent worn-out smiths

The robotic arm itself is not new, but the head is and it can make threads. The invention should prevent smiths from becoming worn out by many repetitive movements. A scenario that one of the group's members, Mette Nordensgaard Dam Nielsen (pictured), knows all too well from her smith family members.

‘My grandfather was worn out, my father is worn out, but I don’t want my brother to become worn out,’ she said in the group's pitch from the stage.

Triple gain invention

The group received praise from the judges, who were especially impressed with the triple gain of the invention, as it benefits the individual smith, who now not only gets to avoid repetitive movements but can spend time on other tasks, it also makes small and medium-sized companies more competitive and finally, it ensures a better economy by automating parts of production.

Or so the Foundation for Entrepreneurship wrote in a press release (in Danish).

‘The team bridges the gap between innovation and technology in companies, partly because they represent both sides. We are confident that they will succeed with their project,’ the judges said at the ceremony.

The six group members need to change their summer holiday plans so that they can represent Denmark at the European Championships in Tallin on Thursday 14 July 2022.

Special price of DKK 10,000 for sustainable mango leather

Five other entrepreneurial students from Business Academy Aarhus also won a special prize of DKK 10,000 from Tønder Energy and Environmental Foundation with their business idea LeatheRE.

The five young, international prizewinners plan to reduce an enormous amount of mango waste by reusing the peel for the production of, among other things, computer covers.