We educate for jobs

Employment and gross unemployment for our higher educational programmes

We want to educate graduates so that they can either get a job or continue with another higher education programme afterwards.  We keep tabs on our graduates after they have graduated so that we can know the employment status of Business Academy Aarhus’ fulltime graduates. 

The employment status of our graduates is depicted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s graduate survey Uddanneseszoom (only in Danish) and by statistics from Denmarks Statistik. 

You can also compare employment status’ across educational institutions and programmes on the Ministry’s website ufm.dk and on Uddannelseszoom (in Danish only).

See the results of the graduate survey Uddannelseszoom and the employment statistics

Graduate survey Uddannelseszoom

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science conducts a graduate survey Uddannelseszoom every second year, in even years. The ministry sends a questionnaire to all full-time students who have graduated from Business Academy Aarhus with the last 1-3 years. 

The questionnaire illustrates how the graduates evaluate whether their education has equipped them for jobs, and whether they experience a consistency between the required competencies and the competencies they actually use in their current job. In addition, students are asked about their average working hours and work form in their job. The survey also focuses on how the graduates got their first job after their educational programme, and which activities they assess have been the most important for them to get a job. 

Our employment surveys are therefore an important part of our quality assurance for our educational programmes.