Employment surveys

for our higher education programmes

The purpose of Business Academy Aarhus’ employment surveys is to determine the employment status of our full-time degree programme graduates. 

We continuously follow the development of our graduates employment status, which is confirmed by our own employment surveys, as well as from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s surveys and from  Statistics Denmark. You can also compare employment status’ across educational institutions and programmes on the Ministry's website ufm.dk and on Uddannelseszoom (in Danish only). 

View the results of our employment surveys.

Our own employment surveys

For our own employment surveys, we send a questionnaire about one year after graduation to all full-time students from Business Academy Aarhus.  This means that we implement employment surveys twice a year, since we have graduates from both spring and autumn semesters according to the programmes in question

The questionnaire is adapted to the individual programmes so that we can target questions and response categories for the relevant industries and for further educational opportunities. In the questionnaire we also investigate the extent of further education, the unemployment rate, as well as which industries graduates are employed in, and the extent to which they apply the skills they have acquired through their studies. Our employment surveys are therefore an important part of our quality assurance for our educational programmes.