Quality assurance of internships at Business Academy Aarhus

An internship is essential, when it comes to the Academy's goal of providing an education with a strong link between theory and practice. The purpose of the internship is to provide a solid academic benefit for the students, which is simultaneously a good experience for both the individual students and for the individual company. 

Our quality assurance of the internships ensures that the students achieve their learning objectives for the internship and, consequently, that they reach the learning objectives for their programme.   

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About the quality assurance of internships

Quality assurance of an internship is therefore a focus area at Business Academy Aarhus, and we have produced manuals for the programmes’ work with internships. In addition, we conduct evaluations of all internships. This means that we perform internship evaluations twice a year as we have interns in both the spring semesters and the autumn semesters, depending on which programme we are evaluating. 

The purpose of the internship evaluation is to examine whether the internship process has lived up to the expectations of students as well as the companies, and the frameworks set for the internship. This includes evaluating whether the results of evaluations meet the set goals and standards for an internship, or whether any changes should be made.

Method of evaluation

The internship evaluations are conducted according to our internship evaluation manuals. This, among other things, means that we evaluate not only the intern’s benefit from their internship but also the company’s benefit during the internship period. Therefore, both the interns and the companies receive a questionnaire with different questions to evaluate whether the objectives and expectations of the internship have been achieved, and whether there might be room for improvement.

All students at Business Academy Aarhus who have had an internship, as well as all companies that have had an intern, receive a questionnaire about the process. We then prepare an evaluation report concerning the internship for each of the programmes that have had internships that spring and/or autumn where we also follow-up on the results.