International Sales and Marketing Management

Here are the average marks for this programme.

Period: Spring semester 2017

Exam Co-examinerSemesterAverage markNo. of students
2nd semester report External 2nd semester 5,3 30
Elective element: BSS* Internal 2nd semester 3,0 40
Elective element: BSS mini* Internal 2nd semester 6,2 41
Elective element: Corporate branding and Digital marketing B2B Internal  2nd semester 7,3 6
Elective element: Export selling and Digital marketing Internal  2nd semester 7,0 6

* Includes students from both Danish and international classes.

Period: Autumn semester 2016

Exam Co-examinerSemesterAverage markNo. of students
The background of a
company's sales
External 1st semester 3,3 30
Theory of science Internal 1st semester 6,4 30
Internship exam Internal 3rd semester 6,2 22
Bachelor project External 3rd semester 5,8 18