Student satisfaction survey

Student satisfaction survey

Every autumn semester, we conduct an evaluation of the students’ satisfaction with their programme, subjects, teaching and our facilities.

The evaluation is conducted in collaboration with the analysis and consultancy company Ennova and is the same for all business academies in Denmark.

The survey provides a comprehensive picture of the student’s satisfaction, outcome and loyalty, and the focus is both academic and social areas.

Survey Methods

The analysis and consultancy company Ennova carries out the survey and emails a link to the questionnaire to each student. Ennova therefore sends and collects the data for us and then subsequently sends the analysis reports to us.

The questionnaire is similar in most areas for all the business academies and university colleges in Denmark, but the individual educational institution has the ability to add questions that they assess as being especially interesting.

The consistent core of the questions in the questionnaire are questions about student satisfaction, programme outcomes and loyalty. Student satisfaction, programme outcome and loyalty include a series of questions in each category which provide an overall picture of the area in question.  ‘Student satisfaction’ thus has questions about the individual students satisfaction and motivation in connection with their programme, while ‘Programme outcome’ contains questions about their satisfaction with the academic level and forms of teaching, and finally, ‘Loyalty’ questions the programme as a whole, and whether the student feels that their programme is the right choice and whether they expect to complete their education.

Working out the index number

In the questionnaire, the students are asked to answer a series of questions on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest score. The answers are then adjusted into an index number that converts the numbers into a scale of 0 to 100.

To change the scale to an index calculation, the following equation is used: (Scale point - 1) x (100/(scale max - 1)) i.e. when using the 10 point scale, the formula will be: (scale point - 1) x 11.1.

So if a student has answered:

  • 1 provides the score 0 as an index number
  • 5 provides the score 44.4 as an index number
  • 10 provides the score 100 as an index number
  • etc.