For alumni

EAlumne is a network for all current and former students of Business Academy Aarhus.

The network is for those of you who would like to remain in contact with the Academy and your fellow students. EAlumne is an online network where you can sign up, fill out a profile and create or extend your professional network – both with current and former classmates and other alumni from the academy. 

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At EAlumne you can:

  • Be a part of a professional network 
  • Participate in relevant academic and social events
  • Get beneficial offers
  • Upload your CV and share it with the other alumni in the network
  • Be a speaker, guest lecturer, internship partner or mentor
  • and much more …

EAlumne is for all students, graduates, course members and staff of Business Academy Aarhus.

EAlumne is a contraction of the abbreviation EA (which stands for Erhvervsakademi Aarhus – the Danish name for Business Academy Aarhus), and the word “alumni”, which is a member of an educational institution.


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