Construction work at Sønderhøj 30

Right now, we have several ongoing construction projects at our Sønderhøj campus.

This construction work unfortunately means that it is not as easy as it should be to access our buildings at Sønderhøj. You will encounter blocked roads and many parking spaces have been temporarily closed. The construction work will continue until summer 2018.

How to get to us

Until the summer of 2018, we recommend that you take a bike, a bus or the train to our Sønderhøj campus. If you are driving, give yourself extra time and use the parking area at Ringvej Syd (at the shopping centre).  It is about 800 metres.  

Construction projects at Sønderhøj 2017-2018

We are building:

  • a new building at Sønderhøj 7B for our environmental and financial programmes
  • or actually rebuilding, the entire canteen area – including the kitchen and reception – at Sønderhøj 30
  • a new extension for Sønderhøj 30, which will add additional student facilities at the library and a new, bigger staff canteen
  • more storage space for our student bar, Basement
  • a new pedestrian and bicycle path to our campus from Holme Ringvej (from bus 4A and the parking spaces on Pihlkjærsvej)