Practical information


When going abroad for an internship, please remember to take out policies for:

  • accident insurance
  • public liability insurance
  • health insurance (the yellow medical card does not cover you outside Denmark. For health insurance in Europe, please see the regulations for the blue European health insurance card)
  • insurance against theft
  • travel insurance (new regulations for home journey)

You are responsible for having the correct insurance for the duration of your stay.

Business Academy Aarhus requires that students in internships and on student exchanges are covered by a good insurance policy. Below you can find links to companies offering such policies. 

Please see for more information.


If you are going to do your internship in Africa or Asia, or any other exotic destinations, make sure that you get the relevant vaccines, and please note that some vaccines need to be given well in advance of departure.

Please see or contact your doctor.

Allergies/medical conditions

The Academy cannot guarantee that your allergies (food or otherwise) or any existing medical conditions can be accomodated. It is your responsibility to research your destination.


You need to check whether special visa requirements exist regarding internships in the country you have an agreement with. We recommend that you investigate the rules and regulations concerning visas and work permits. Your internship company will generally be able to assist with relevant information.

Erasmus Internship Grant

For internship in Europe.

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Travel Risk Map

Global health and travel security risks review.


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