Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology

When can I go?

Second semester.

Deadline for applying

If you want to study abroad in the spring semester, the deadline is 15 September the previous year.

If you want to study abroad in the autumn semester, the deadline is 1 March the same year.

Where can I go?

It is possible for us to send 1-3 students to the partner institutions below per academic year (August to June). So there will naturally be limitations on the number of students going to any given partner institution.

Also, the courses offered by the partner institutions vary from year to year and it might not be possible for you to find suitable courses offered in English. Therefore, when you fill out the application form make sure to list a number of institutions you would like to study at in order to maximise your chances of studying abroad.

Finally, it is a good idea to come and see International Office staff prior to submitting your application in order to learn where students from your programme of studies have successfully gone in the past.

Outside Europe

CountryPartner institution
Canada Camosun College, Victoria
Seneca College, Toronto

Contact us

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