Free mover

- in Europe or overseas

How does ‘free mover’ work?

Free mover gives you the opportunity to study a semester abroad at a self-selected higher education institution that the Academy does not have an exchange agreement with. You initially have to cover the tuition fees yourself, but you can apply for an ‘udlandsstipendium’ to get full or part coverage of the tuition fees.

Read more about ‘udlandsstipendium’ and how you apply (only in Danish).

Who can help me?

There is some work involved with studying abroad as a free mover. International Office can help get you started, but you have to do your own research, write applications etc.

If you want additional help, the following companies can help you find suitable universities:

EDU Danmark 
Kilroy Education 

For independent counselling about studying in the USA please also refer to the Denmark-America Foundation.

How do I apply?

Please contact International Office at for more information on how to apply.