Practical information


Canadian and Danish students will be staying in a hostel off-campus. The hostel is called Hostel Uppelink and you will be in shared rooms of either 14 or 6. We will probably have to mix genders in the rooms. 

Financial issues 

The tuition fee for the course is financed by Business Academy Aarhus. You must pay all other expenses in connection with your stay in Ghent.

If you are offered a place on this summer school, a non-refundable payment (about 3,800 DKK) must be paid in mid-March to ensure your registration. This amount will cover accomodation, bike rental and trips to breweries.

Flights and meals are not included. Your hostel is next to a supermarket so ready-made meals can be bought and heated up (you are not permitted to cook in the hostel). A cheap meal in a restuarant costs between €10 and €18. 

Budget (approximately)

Flight from Billund to Brussels

1,000 DKK


2,200 DKK

Course related trips and transportation

1,175 DKK

Bike rental (mandatory)

  375 DKK

In total (approx.)

 4,750 DKK

When you go abroad, you must have:

  • a valid passport
  • insurance (health and repatriation)
  • allergies/existing medical conditions - can these be accomodated in the desination country?
  • extra money for meals and other related costs

Did you know?

  • The three participating countries are home to some of the world’s largest brewers (e.g. Anheuser Busch InBev, Molson Canadian and Carlsberg), as well as a large number of very successful microbrewers.
  • Ghent is the capital and largest city in the East Flanders province.
  • Much of Ghent's medieval architecture remains intact and is beautifully well-preserved and restored.