Practical information

Financial issues 

The tuition fee for the course is financed by Business Academy Aarhus. Beuth and Business Academy Aarhus are applying for German government funding. If we receive this funding, accomodation costs will be significantly reduced (possibly to zero). We will know by 1 April whether we will receive this funding.

You must pay all other expenses in connection with your stay in Berlin. 

Budget (2018 estimates)

Bus (Flixbus), train or flight (Ryanair)

1,000 DKK

Accommodation (2 people sharing) with breakfast

3,000 DKK

Course related trips and transportation

  500 DKK

In total (approx.)

4.500 DKK

If you are offered a place on this summer school, a non-refundable pre-payment (3,000 DKK) must be paid in approximately mid-March in order to ensure your registration. This amount will be used for your accommodation during the summer school.

When you go abroad, you have to consider the following: 

  • Valid passport
  • Visa (Check to see, if it is necessary)
  • Insurance (health and repatriation)
  • Allergies and existing medical conditions (is it responsible to travel?)
  • Travelling costs
  • Costs related to stay (food, phone etc.)

Did you know?

  • Berlin is recognised as a world city of culture
  • Berlin is the largest city in Germany with 3,5 million people living in the Berlin area
  • Berlin is a very international city containing 140,000 people of Turkish descent and 300,000 people with Russian as their native language

Travel Risk Map

Global health and travel security risks review.