– sustainable, sharing economy when moving

‘We’ll give you free, plastic packing boxes the next time you need to move. You pick the boxes up at a location close to where you live. And then return them again when you are finished.’ This is how Joachim Krøyer, Anders Wiese Christensen and Mikkel Kirchhoff explain their company: Deleboks 

Teaching with a twist of reality

Anders, Mikkel and Joachim are all studying Marketing Management, specialising in entrepreneurship. On the programme, the students work with their own ideas. This has created a breeding ground for the boys’ activities.

There is time to work with their company during teaching. The knowledge they acquire in the classroom can be directly transferred into concrete action in their company. It teaches you a lot of, they think.

Sustainability and a sharing economy

Keywords for Deleboks are sustainability and a sharing economy. The packing boxes are made of recyclable plastic, so they are less harsh on the environment. If they break, they will be scrapped and made into new boxes. In this way, production is a closed, circular system.

But Deleboks wants to be more than just sustainable. They also want people to help each other.

‘People need to share with each other and help each other. Not everything needs to cost something. We would like to do something so that it is easier to help each other.’


Already early in their programme, Mikkel, Anders and Joachim got the idea for Deleboks. They contacted with the CEO of Freetrailer, Allan Sønderskov Darré. He soon became so enthusiastic about Deleboks that he is now part of the project. 

Today Allan functions as a mentor and sounding board for the three boys in Deleboks.