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Get help in seeing the development potential

In GROW, you can get help to develop your company so that you can achieve growth. 

GROW offers

As a member of GROW, you get:

  • free participation in various learning activities and events
  • access to an interdisciplinary network with other students and lecturers
  • the opportunity for informal sparring with a supervisor
  • professional academic sparring
  • an advisory board for your business
  • to become a mentor for new entrepreneurs
  • access to CREATE, where you can make prototypes

Membership is totally free.

Become a member of GROW

Learn about opportunities for growth

GROW organises various learning activities and events for companies who focus on growth. You can for example, take part in a Start-up weekend, ‘Ready for the Danish Championships’ or a Boost process. 

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Get a valuable, interdisciplinary network

In GROW you will experience a vibrant, interdisciplinary network of students and lecturers from the Academy’s various degree programs. As a member you will get access to this students’ incubator network.

We have references to both internal and external networks which you can contribute to and draw upon. We can, among other things, put you in contact with various investment firms and innovation environments. We are also responsible for informing members about various competitions, which are held in the entrepreneurial environment. Contests are an ideal opportunity for establishing a valuable network and winning cash prizes.

We urge people that still have – or have had – a company to share their experiences with the GROW members who want knowledge on what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Professional coaching for your company

As a member of GROW, you can get individual help and sparring from:

  • lecturers, who have been entrepreneurs
  • lecturers with specialised expert knowledge – within a number of subject areas
  • accountants
  • lawyers

Get an advisory board

We recommend that you, as an owner of a company, get an advisory board to spar with. As a member of GROW you will get help finding the right sparring partners for your company.

Do you need help finding an advisory board? Then contact Pernille Løve Kongensgaard, coordinator for GROW, on 7228 6145 or

Become an expert – and help others

Share your knowledge of, and experience with, entrepreneurship with new entrepreneurs. In GROW, you can become a part of our mentor corps or become part of an advisory board for new start-ups.

Get more information and sign up with Pernille Løve Kongensgaard, coordinator for GROW, on 7228 6145 or

CREATE – make your own prototypes

As a member of GROW, you get access to our makers lab, CREATE. Here you can use all our tools for creating prototypes as much as you like. We have, for example, a 3D printer, virtual reality, foil cutting and assorted cardboard, paper, tape and glue.

You will find CREATE at Sønderhøj 30, room AM.23 (on the mezzanine level of A building).

If you have any questions or need any specific guidance, when you are in CREATE -  you can contact Jonas Wehding on phone 7228 6385 or email:

Become a member of GROW

Membership is free.

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Be inspired by the entrepreneurs who got their companies to  prosper in GROW. 

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